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College Application Process

College Application Process


The process for applying for college admission varies from one college to another. It is the applicant’s responsibility to know the steps to follow for a particular school. Applying means sending an application form, high school records, and entrance exam scores to the college. It is the sequence, forms and deadlines that vary. To begin the application process, you must first request an application.


How to get the Application

 Most colleges will send an application to you upon request.

 Ask your counselor for a copy of the Texas Common Application that is required at all public colleges and universities in Texas or go to and apply on-line.


Completing the Forms

 Complete the application forms accurately and completely.

PRINT NEATLY. A TYPED APPLICATION IS EASIER TO READ. Online applications are easy to correct.

 Consistently use your full legal name and social security number.

 Read each question carefully. Do not leave anything blank. If a question does not apply to you, write “does not apply” or “N/A.”

 Spend considerable time on essays and statements (consult your English teacher and counselor). This is your chance

to shine and to show your creativity and uniqueness.

 Always be truthful on an application of any kind. Do not try to over-compensate for a weakness by inflating activities or leadership roles.

 Set up a file to keep track of important information and copies of all correspondence.

 Maintain a calendar to keep track of deadlines.

 Distribute the appropriate parts of your application to the right people at least two weeks prior to deadlines.

 You may want to make a copy of the application, make a rough draft copy, and then copy the answers onto the

ORIGINAL application form. This may save you from having to send for another application.

 Make copies of ALL completed forms.

 Be sure to mail all forms by the deadlines.


Requests for Transcripts

 Request for copies of a student’s transcript should be made through the Registrar’s Office or online here.

 Allow at least 48 hours to process. College and scholarship applications usually require an OFFICIAL copy of a

transcript. An official copy carries a special seal and is either given to a student or mailed directly. The transcript

should stay in the envelope to be mailed to its final destination.

 Read the instructions from the college carefully.

 Please remember the high volume of requests made daily to the registrars and make transcript requests WELL in

advance (two weeks is good) of the necessary date.


Appling for Housing

 Since many colleges require on-campus living for freshman students, it is important to know the procedure for housing

arrangements at the school of your choice.

 An application form and deposit are usually required to reserve housing.

 Write to the Housing Office for the proper forms and other information.

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