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About Zack Hansel

Hello, my name is Zack Hansel and I have been teaching since 2013.  I attended Lamar University to get a Bachelor’s of Science in mechanical engineering and received a composite science teaching certification through Lamar at Orange’s ACE program.  I've enjoyed teaching and doing physics ever since I had to work as a physics aide in order to pay for food through my college education.  I want to channel that passion I cultivated then towards our students to challenge and propel them upward, regardless of their chosen path, interests, and abilities in life.  We will be doing a variety of projects and other hands on activities throughout the year as an addition to the "traditional" methods of listening to a teacher and working problems in guided and independent practice.

For my personal life, I am a huge nerd who loves anime, video games, and other forms of digital entertainment.  I am a co-sponsor of an after school anime club and we invite all who are interested to attend.

Zack Hansel

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