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Zack Hansel

My name is Zack Hansel and I am a physics teacher, robotics coach, and interim calculus teacher.

Physics:  We will learn about objects in motion, transfer of energy, and electricity.  We will also aim to have a project each six weeks that is construction based and will test the limits of what different materials can do.

In the first six weeks, we will learn about general lab practices, units of measurement, data calculation, and translational motion in one dimension.

In the second six weeks, we will learn about Newton’s laws and how forces affect an object’s motion.  Including now dealing with two dimensional motion.

In the third six weeks, we will work with the Newton’s law of universal gravitation and the theory of conservation of energy.  Topics will focus on how energy may change forms as an object changes location and motion.

In the fourth six weeks, we will focus on conservation of momentum, thermodynamics, and the beginning principles of wave motion.

In the fifth six weeks, we will continue into advanced principles of wave motion and begin discussing electrical and magnetic forces and the phenomena that cause them.

The sixth six weeks will wrap up with electrical current flow and works as a buffer in case any six weeks falls behind so that I can convey as many of the above topics as much as needed for understanding in the students.

Robotics:  We will build robots from scratch to complete certain tasks as determined by the VEX tournaments for that given year.  The robot must follow certain construction rules in order to compete and will be competing against schools from around the area in a series of tournaments to progress to finals accepting teams from all over the globe.

The explanation video and official rulebooks for this year are available at the VEX website, here .

Zack Hansel

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