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Kountze Athletics

2019-20 Athletic Code of Conduct

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form

Concussion Acknowledgement Form

Pre-participation Physical Form

Rules Acknowledgement

Steroid and Random testing information

Please fill out the form from the link below if you are going to partcipate in Summer Strength and Conditioning. Here are the guidelines. This is for students that will be in 7th-12th grade next year.

Requirements for All Workouts

*Attendance records shall be kept
*Students may not be given access to locker rooms or shower facilities. Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout.
*During workouts, school must have at least one staff member per twenty students in attendance to ensure appropriate social distancing, hygiene, and safety measures are implemented.
*Schools must have hand sanitizer or hand washing stations readily available in the workout area.
*All surfaces in workout areas must be thoroughly disinfected throughout and at the end of each day.
*No clothing or towels may be laundered on site or shared during workouts.
*There can be no shared water or food.
*Before the start of summer workouts, and at the start of every week of summer workouts, schools should pre- screen all students for COVID symptoms that they or others living in their house may experience.
*Schools should consider taking the temperature of each student each day at the start of the conditioning session.
* Schools should plan for entry and exit procedures that reduce the number of students and parents congregating outside and/or mixing around the workout areas and parking areas.
* Schools should consider having students remain with a single group or cohort to minimize the number of students and staff that must isolate if a case is confirmed.
* Indoor workout activities can be conducted up to a maximum of 25%
* Schools should limit the total number of participants based on available space to allow for the appropriate distancing between students and staff.
* On sports specific workouts any equipment, such as sports balls, should be regularly disinfected during workout sessions. This equipment should not be shared between groups. After a group has used such equipment, that equipment must be thoroughly disinfected before being used by a different group.
* On sports specific workouts students may be placed in working groups no larger than 10 total students.
* Students will need to have a physical on file before they can start summer workouts. So all incoming 7th graders or students that do not have a physical or file need one before they can participate.