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Principles of Floral Design/ Advanced Floral Design

Floral design is an interesting and challenging career opportunity and art form that is becoming more important to the healthy lifestyle of many people.  There are many jobs available in this industry for people who are willing to work hard and express their creative abilities through flowers and foliage plants. 

            The following topics will be taught in this class.  The presentation of this material may be in lecture form, video or other electronic media presentations, textbook work, curriculum worksheets, class discussion, visual observation or demonstration and hands-on experiences.

Students enrolled in these courses will be prepared for and eligible to test for their Level 1 Floral Certification in the spring. I strongly encourage students to go for this opportunity because it will benefit them in the future when looking for employment. 

As we start off the 1st 6 weeks of school we will be focusing on several different topics and begin to try our hand at some small flower arrangements. Students will also have plant ID Quizzes weekly, and will be given 5 new plants each week to learn to identify. The topics we will be covering will be:

Week 1:

Class rules and expectations

Innovative notebook set up

Week 2:

The History of Floral Design Posters and Notes

The History of floral Design Projects due Monday 10/17/2016 (major grade)

Floral Id and Tool Quiz (Every Friday)

Week 3:

Parts of the flower (3D replica project followed by quiz)

Floral Tool Id and proper uses Notes/Collage 

Floral Id and Tool Quiz (Every Friday)

Week 4:

Principles and Elements of Design Unit

Floral Id and Tool Quiz (Every Friday)

Week 5:

Elements of color (color wheel project will be assigned and Due, this is a test grade)

Floral Id and Tool Quiz (Every Friday)